25-persons open boat

Have a wonderful time on a 25 persons open sloop

Sailing with the 25-person sloop Naut is a special experience. The sloop is fully open. On the two teak lounge decks you can relax or celebrate an occasion with your family or friends.

This open boat is electrically powered so it allows you to sail in peace through the heritage city of Amsterdam. The only thing you will hear is the gently rippling water. This makes the Naut an ideal boat to welcome your business guests and enjoy the city together.

We have warm blankets on board in the colder autumn and winter months.

Boarding point

Sail from  Room Mate Aitana (± 5 minutes walk from Central Station). Do you want to board from another place? Ask our employees about the possibilities.


Deze exclusieve sloep is de perfecte manier om te ontspannen of te feesten terwijl de hectiek van de stad voorbij glijdt. De elektrische aandrijving staat garant voor een stille vaart, het enige wat u hoort is het kabbelen van het water. Met 9×3 meter en 2 teakhouten lounge decks is deze sloep perfect voor groepen tot 25 mensen. In de prachtige cabine kunt u in alle rust gebruik maken van een design toilet en wasruimte. Wij werken samen met de beste cateraars van de stad en kunnen alle drank aan boord verzorgen.

Book a boat with a guide?

A boat trip in the Amsterdam Canals is an experience and there is no need for a guide on board to enjoy the tranquility of the water, the architecture along the shores and the highlights on the canals. But maybe you and your party have sailed more often in the center and you want to offer your guests some extras this time.

In that case you can make your boat trip even more special by hiring a professional guide who tells everything about the history of the city, the architecture and interesting facts about its UNESCO heritage.

Facilities and customization

On board our boats you will lack nothing. We take care of your cruise to the last detail. All our boats are equipped as standard with a toilet, heating, a music system with telephone connection and windows or awnings that can be opened in good weather. There is a ship’s bar on most boats and a number of boats can be fully opened in good weather. The layout of the larger boats can be adjusted as desired. Ask our employees about the customized options for a boat in Amsterdam!

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“We had a very nice day on an attractive boat with friendly and skilled staff. Booking staff really helped with the details of the tour.“
J. De Vries
Via Trustpilot op 21 September 2016
“Fantastic arranged and the staff on board is great. This is how you would like to to see it more often in the hospitality industry!“
Mrs. Goemans
Via Trustpilot op 7 September 2016
“Boat rental company De Nederlanden, do it! Well maintained and beautiful ship and pleasant, professional staff, applies to skipper and service.“
Van Der Plas Glas En Schilderwerken BV
Via Trustpilot op 21 July 2016